Finn Hallböök

Professor at Department of Neuroscience, Hallböök: Stem cells, Retinal Development and Regeneration

+4618-471 4944
Mobile phone:
+46 72 9999419
Visiting address:
Room BMC A2:2 BMC
Husargatan 3
751 23 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Box 593
751 24 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Head of Department (2015 - 2018, 2019 - )

The principal tasks in addition to the administration are research and teaching. We study normal and pathological cell generation with focus on neurogenesis in retina. We grow human embryonic stem cell-derived organoids/retinoids in which retinoblastoma carcinogenesis is modelled. The teaching is medical and biomedical students in embryology.

Academic merits: PhD, Associate Professor, Excellent teacher

Keywords: embryonal development retina cell differentiation glia cells retinoblastom stem cells chicken embryo avian neuronal regeneration developmental biology gene expression cell cycle regulation transcription factor human model mouse retinal progenitors embryoid body cell culture visual system optic nerve retinal ganglion cell horizontal cells evolutionary biology müller cells carcinogenesis

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