Eva Pärt Enander

Operations Development Officer at University IT Services, Application Management and Development

+4618-471 6291
Mobile phone:
+46 70 4250712
Visiting address:
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 7
752 37 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Box 256
75105 Uppsala

Short presentation

Operations Development Officer at IT-Division, specialization in e-learning. Working with systems in teaching and learning, e.g., Student Portal, learning management system (LMS), e-meeting system etc. Developing and implementing courses, seminars and tutorials for digital environments and tools, the teacher's role in distance and campus courses, teaching methods in classrooms, such as the Experimental classroom in Blåsenhus
Read more: http://www.uu.se/om-uu/kvalitetsarbete/larande/e-larande/

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My courses


Teaching, projects in educational technology

Division of Scientific Computing, Department of Information Technology.
1985-2010, Teaching and developing courses in computer programming, applied mathematics and numerical analysis at the

1999-2010: responsible for net based distance courses in C++, using technological tools and student-activating pedagogical methods.
Involved in pedagogical projects concerning on-line coaching and examination funded by Council for the Renewal of Higher Education (2000-2002). Presentations at conferences in Sweden: Netlearning 2004 and 2006, NU2008. Project Manager of Uppsala-Stanford joint M.Sc.-level courses in Scientific Computing (2004-2008).

Uppsala Learning Lab:
2001-2013: Working with activities concerning professional development within the fields of e-learning and technology-rich learning spaces at Uppsala University.
Responsible for seminars, workshops, courses, and supervision of university teachers in teaching methods based on information technology.
Involved in work with IT-infrastructure, IT-strategies, and development of the Student Portal at Uppsala University. Have been initiating and involved in many e-learning development projects in Sweden, e.g., the Swedish E-meeting System and several national LMS-projects.
Read more: Kunskapens nya världar - Mötet mellan teknik och pedagogik vid Uppsala Learning Lab (parts in English).

IT Division, Office of User Support and e-learning
2013- Working with educational technology and digital tools in teaching and learning, e.g., the Student Portal, learning management systems (Canvas, Ping Pong) and the e-meeting system Zoom, the Experimental classroom in campus Blåsenhus. 2014: Member of the working group e2014, assigned to enhance e-learning at Uppsala University: academically, pedagogically, technologically and administratively.

Adaptive grids in computational aero dynamics, European space shuttle project 1987-93.
Have been working in several international research projects in Europe and the US, 1987-2000. Adaptive methods in industrial applications 1997-99. EU-project of coupled simulations in computational electromagnetics 1999-2000.

Awards, scholarships
The Distinguished Teaching Award, discipline Mathematics, science, and technology, for successful use of technology tools in distance courses, 2003. Scholarship, The Swedish Association of Authors of Educational Material, 1997, 2000.
Scholarship, Female researchers from Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Foundation, 1997, 1998.
Amelia Earhart Fellowship Award, Zonta International Foundation, for women in aero and space-related research, 1989.
Sweden-America Foundation scholarship, guest Ph.D. Student at Dept. of Math. UCLA, 1984-85


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