Gunnar Myrberg

researcher at Department of Government, Affiliates

Visiting address:
Östra Ågatan 19
753 22 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Associate Professor of Political Science. My research is focused on the political integration of immigrants in Sweden and on local strategies for the reception of refugees in the Nordic countries.

I am a research fellow/associate professor of political science at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Uppsala University. My research is mainly focused on the politics and policies of migration, integration and segregation in the Scandinavian countries. I have previously had positions as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm (2011-2013) and as a researcher at the Department of Government, Uppsala University (2007-2011). I have published articles in Urban Studies and Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, several book chapters in English and Swedish and a book in Swedish.

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Gunnar Myrberg