Mattias Hamberg

visiting researcher at Department of Engineering Sciences, Industrial Engineering & Management

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+46 73 2520353
Visiting address:
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1
Postal address:
Box 534
751 21 UPPSALA

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Mattias specializes in financial accounting and corporate finance. His publications center on the role of accounting in equity markets and how corporate governance influences accounting and financial decisions. Mattias has managed several research programs and supervised many PhD students. In terms of teaching, the topics usually cover valuation, financial statement analysis and finance. In addition, Mattias is the sole author of Determining Company Value and Strategic Financial Decisions.

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Mattias research relates to capital markets. In recent years, he has conducted accounting-based tests of market efficiency (e.g. Hamberg and Novak, 2010), studies of accounting information relevance for shareholders (e.g. Beisland & Hamberg, 2013), and studies of how firm’s respond to new accounting standards (Hamberg, Paananen & Novak, 2012). Mattias also work with research in corporate finance. He has conducted studies on international corporate acquisitions (Hamberg, Overland & Lantz, 2013), issues of new equity (Hamberg & Jeppson, 2011) and initial public offerings (Hamberg, 2004). Recently, Mattias has paid a particular interest to the association between financial reporting and corporate goverance. This includes, for example, the role that audit committees play in the monitoring of management (Hamberg, Charri & Johanson, 2013), the IFRS adoption's effects on foreign investments (Hamberg, Mavruk & Sjogren, 2013), and the extent to which founders create shareholder value (Hamberg, Fagerland & Nielsen, 2013; Frank & Hamberg, 2015; 2016). Essentially all of his research is empirical, quantitative and based on Swedish data.

Mattias contributes to the international research community in several ways. For example, he is a regular referee for international journals such as the European Accounting Review, the Journal of International Business Studies, the International Business Review and Managerial Finance. His research has been presented at more than thirty international conferences. Furthermore, Mattias has acted as opponent of a doctoral thesis (Copenhagen Business School) and he holds a permanent position at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen (Norway) where he regularly teaches company valuation, research methodology and a doctoral course in empirical financial accounting.

Mattias has taught and administered university courses at the bachelor, master, executive MBA and doctoral levels. Although he is most comfortable teaching financial statement analysis and valuation, his teaching covers most topics in financial accounting and corporate finance, including financial reporting, company valuation, risk management, corporate governance and international financial management. Over the years, he has been particularly interested in empirical research designs within the area of capital market based accounting research. For this reason, he has taught an advanced Master level course at the Norwegian School of Economics (2002-2013).Over the years, Mattias has supervised more than one hundred bachelor and master theses. He has supervised several doctoral students who completed their degrees.

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Selected publications

Hamberg, M., R. Schweitzer & J.E. Vahlne (2017). Management under uncertainty and the unavoidable risk-taking, forthcoming in the Multinational Business Review.

Hamberg, M., & L.A. Beisland (2014). Changes in the Value Relevance of Goodwill Accounting Following the Adoption of IFRS 3, Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, 23, pp. 59-73.

Hamberg, M., C. Overland, & B. Lantz (2013). Board Participation, Toeholds and the Cross-Border Effect. International Business Review, 22(5), pp. 868-882.

Hamberg, M., E.A. Fagerland, & K. Nielsen (2013). Founding Family Firms and the Creation of Value. Managerial Finance., 39(10), pp. 868-882.

Hamberg, M., T. Mavruk, & S. Sjogren (2013). Investment Allocation Decisions, Home Bias and the Mandatory IFRS adoption, Journal of International Money and Finance, 36, pp. 107-130.

Beisland, L.A., & M. Hamberg (2013). Variations in the Value Relevance of Accounting Information, Scandinavian Journal of Management, 29(3), pp. 314-324.

Hamberg, M., M. Paananen, & J. Novak (2012). The Adoption of IFRS 3: The Effects of Managerial Discretion and Stock Market Reactions. European Accounting Review, 20(2), pp. 263-288.

Hamberg, M., & J. Novak (2010). Accounting Conservatism and Transitory Earnings in Value and Growth Strategies. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 37(5/6), pp. 518-537.

Hamberg, M. (2004). The Performance of Companies Going Public: A Nordic Perspective, 2004. Praktisk Økonomi & Finans, vol. 20, pp. 59-68. Best paper award at the 2004 FIBE conference.

Hamberg, M. (2004). Strategic Financial Decisions. 2nd edition. Liber: Malmö.

Selected working papers

Frank, J. & M. Hamberg (2015). Long Term Family Ownership of Publicly Listed Firms. Currently under review.

Cieslak, K., M. Hamberg & D. Vural (2016). Executive Compensation Disclosure Incentives: The case of Sweden, Currently under review.

Hamberg, M. & J. Frank (2016). Investment and Financial Decisions in Founding Family Firms. Currently under revision.

Axén, M. & M. Hamberg (2016). Valuation Modelling in Periods of Abnormal Interest Rates. Currently under revision.

Hamberg, M. & J. Impink (2015). The Disclosure of Voluntary Long Term Performance Targets. Currently under revision.

Hamberg, M., M. Charri, & D. Johanson (2013). Economic Determinants of Audit Committee Structure. Currently under revision.

Vahlne, J-E., R. Schweizer, & M. Hamberg (2016). Management Under Uncertainty and Unavoidable Risk-Taking, Currently under revision.

Hamberg, M., & H. Jeppson (2011). Market Timing and External Financing Decisions. Currently under revision.


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