May-Britt Öhman

researcher at Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism

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Thunbergsvägen 3C, vån 3 hus 22

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751 20 Uppsala

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Buoris! Hello!
I hold a PhD in History of Technology, 2007, KTH. Diss: "Taming exotic beauties.."

CEMFOR since Jan 2018.

I was at Centre f Gender Research Dec. 2008 until Dec 2018.
Focus: Gender, Science and Technology Studies; Safety, Risk, Resilience, Environment, Disasters; History of Science and Technology; History; Decolonizing/ Indigenous Studies/Methodologies/Theories; Arctic; Feminist Technoscience; Racial biology; Sustainable Development, Settler colonialism.

Keywords: climate change disaster risk reduction disaster vulnerability science studies technology studies history of ideas and science human security environmental issues sociotechnical systems philosophy of science gender technoscience resilience sustainable development racial biology feminist technoscience healing from colonial traumas innovations land based education land based knowledge settler colonial studies indigenous studies historical traumas ego histoire dam safety indigenous peoples knowledges

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Research projects

2017-2019 Main applicant and project leader. FORMAS dnr 2017-01923. Indigenous Climate Change Studies: Indigenous Expertise meets Western Technological Design and Innovation 8,933 MSEK.

2017-2019 Main applicant and project leader. FORMAS dnr 2016-01039, future research leaders. Safe and Sustainable Energy Futures: Assumptions and Actions, Visions and Decisions) 2 997 MSEK

2017-2019 co-applicant and scientific responsibility for Feminist and Indigenous methodologies/theories. Artistic research. Swedish Research Council, Vetenskapsrådet. Att ge mig mitt perspektiv: Rasbiologernas spår i det samiska folkhemmet, main applicant: Katarina Pirak Sikku. 5 MSEK

2016-2018 Science, validation, partial perspectives: Knowledge production beyond the norms” SEK 2,6 MSEK Faculty of Arts, Uppsala University

2012-2015 Main applicant and project leader. FORMAS. Rivers, resistance and resilience: Sustainable futures in Sápmi and in other indigenous peoples’ territories. 6 MSEK.

2010-2012 Main applicant and project leader - Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet): “DAMMED: Security, risk and resilience around the dams of Sub Arctica” (in total 4 participants, UMU, LTU, KTH and UU)

2012-2014 Co-applicant. Swedish Research Council, (Vetenskapsrådet) SEK 3 million (with Dr. Seema Arora Jonsson at Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, Uppsala) “Gender and Sustainable Development: Policy and Practice in Environmental Management”.

2012-2014 Senior researcher (part-time) and research co-ordinator for CfG, member of research council, to the Mind and Nature research project financed by Faculty of Arts, Uppsala Univ., 2012-2014, SEK 4,5 million.

2008-2010 PostDoc Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)

PhD project “Swedish Energy Assistance in a Historical Perspective”, financed by Sida-Sarec and also part of the “Science, Technological Change, and Industrial Innovation” 1996-2008 financed by The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation.

Dissertation 2007: Taming Exotic Beauties: Swedish Hydro Power Constructions in Tanzania in the Era of Development Assistance, 1960s - 1990s

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May-Britt Öhman