Gunvald Axner Ims

PhD student at Department of Linguistics and Philology

Visiting address:
Engelska parken
Thunbergsvägen 3H

Postal address:
Box 635
751 26 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I have worked as a lecturer in Turkish language and literature and a researcher in Turkic literatures as well as a translator of Turkish literature to Norwegian, and finished the PhD program in Turkic languages at Uppsala University. Additionally, I have taken teaching courses applying both to high school and university levels. My other fields of study are Journalism, Religion, Near Eastern Studies, and Nordic language and literature. My new e-mail adress is gunvald.axner.ims (a)

Keywords: undervisning litteraturvetenskap diskursanalys handledning forskning turkiska språk ahmet hamdi tanpınar adalet ağaoğlu orhan pamuk turkisk litteratur ironi

My courses


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Avslutade pedagogiska kurser

Grundutbildning för universitetslärare


Avslutade kurser inom doktorsprogrammet i Turkiska språk

Litteraturvetenskaplig teori och metod: sju problemfält

Postmodernisme and beyond

Genre theory and the novels from the period of the Turkish war of independence

Narrative techniques in modern Turkish literature

Jämförande turkisk språkvetenskap

Tanzimatlitteratur och senosmansk litteraturhistoria

Fördjupsningskurs i osmanska

Introduktionskurs i persiska



Literatures of Central Asia

Fornturkiska / Old Turkic


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