Kim Solin

Senior faculty administrator at Faculty Offices, Office for Humanities and Social Sciences

+4618-471 2747
Mobile phone:
+46 72 9999370
Visiting address:
Segerstedthuset, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 7
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 256
751 05 UPPSALA

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I hold the title of docent in philosophy and work as a senior faculty administrator at the Office for humanities and social science, with particular responsibilty for the Faculty of educational sciences and for the Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society.

As a philosopher, I am today directed towards existential philosophy in a wide sense. My background is in the formal sciences.

Academic merits: PhD, docent

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Before taking up my current position, I was a senior faculty administrator at the Office for science and technology at Uppsala university. I have previously been a tenured lecturer at Åbo Akademi and a tenured senior lecturer at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. After finishing my PhD in philosophy, I held an international postdoctoral fellowship from the Swedish Research Council, during which I did research at the University of Helsinki. I was also a research fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia. Part of my graduate studies were done at Universität Augsburg and at the Georgia Augusta in Göttingen. I'm an honorary research fellow in philosophy at the University of Queensland, Australia.

PhD in philosophy from Uppsala University, PhD in theoretical computer science from Åbo Akademi; title of docent in philosophy awarded by the University of Helsinki.


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