Jonas Larsson Taghizadeh

researcher at Department of Government, Faculty

Visiting address:
Room GT Gamla Torget 2, 4114 Gamla Torget 6
Postal address:
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

Also available at

My courses


PhD in Political Science, Uppsala University 2016

Education BA in economics, Uppsala University 2010

Education MA (Pol. mag.) in Political Science, Uppsala University 2009

Past project (tidigare forskning):

The purpose of my dissertation project was to explore how and under what circuimstances politicians are influenced by ad hoc advocacy groups (such as protest networks) on the local level. The project consists of three articles focusing on the case of school closures in Sweden.

The first article demonstrates how ad-hoc advocacy groups use policy relevant information to influence politicians on the local level in Sweden.

The second article expands on the first article by analysing which ad-hoc groups and individuals (in terms of education, rural/urban areas) that convey policy relevant information to local governments, and the political resources that might be needed to do so.

The third article analyses the interplay between advocacy groups and political parties. I argue that groups that can mobilise swing voters and the ruling parties' core voters have reasonable chances of influencing their decisions.


Current project (Pågående):

Are some parents Being Discriminated when Choosing Schools for their Children? An Experimental Study on Discrimination among Public Officials in Sweden

Gymnasieutbildning för jämlikt politiskt deltagande? Betydelsen av form och innehåll


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