Maria Schildt

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Musicology

+4618-471 6250
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3H

Postal address:
Box 633
751 26 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I am a senior lecturer at the Department of Musicology since 2016. 2014-17 I worked within in a project on the Düben collection - one of the largest surviving music collections from this period. 2012-18 I was a member of the international research network Music-Cultural Exchange in Early Modern Europe, c. 1550-1750, and from 2018 I am working within a research project "French and Italian music in Northern Europe, ca. 1650-1730", together with Lars Berglund

My courses


My scholarly interests are within the field of early modern music history. I have particularly been interested in issues of music practice, cultural transfer, appropriation, adaptation and issues concerning the relationship periphery-center. Methodologically I have been interested in the study of musical manuscripts as artifacts and through these the ability to approach and draw conclusions about how the music was transmitted, acquired, via which networks and social structures, and the shaping of contemporary musical practice. My thesis project during 2008-2013 dealt with the music practice at the Swedish court 1663–90. The thesis, “Gustav Düben at Work: Musical Repertory and Practice of Swedish Court Musicians, 1663-1690” deals with various aspects of the response to cultural transfer, especially various adaptation processes, on basis of the identification and investigation of different repertoires and contemporary practices. A prerequisite for the project has been the extensive and well-preserved Düben Collection, now in Uppsala University Library. To get answers to the many previously unresolved questions surrounding the collection, it has been necessary to approach questions of its original structure and early history. Other previously unsolved and under-researched issues concern its function, character and status. Parts of the results have been implemented in The Düben Collection Database Catalogue during the years 2014-15, such as attributions of a significant number compositions, previously regarded as anonymous, concordances between manuscripts and prints and a demarcation of the content of the collection towards the library's other musical holdings. One of the significant results has been the establishment of provenance concerning a large collection of French theatrical music, a prerequisite for further research on this material.

Other research projects:

  • French Stage Music at the Royal Swedish Court, c. 1690-1726.
  • Italian Music Appropriated for Protestant Europe: the Role of Madeleine and Marie Phalèse in Antwerp, 1629–75.
  • Italian Music at the Swedish Royal Court of Queen Christina, 1652-64.


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