Elsa Högberg

post doctoral at Department of English

+4618-471 2209
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 L

Postal address:
Box 527
751 20 Uppsala

Also available at

My courses


I am a postdoctoral fellow in English Literature. After the award of my PhD in 2012, I held a Swedish Research Council postdoctoral fellowship at Uppsala University and the Universtiy of Glasgow (2014-17). My current research, which is funded by the Åke Wiberg foundation, explores the ethico-political implications of intimacy, affect and lyric in literary modernism and contemporary theory. My monograph Virginia Woolf and the Ethics of Intimacy is forthcoming with Bloomsbury Academic. I am co-editor, with Amy Bromley, of the essay collection Sentencing Orlando: Virginia Woolf and The Morphology of the Modernist Sentence (Edinburgh University Press). I am also editing a volume of essays entitled Modernist Intimacies (forthcoming, Edinburgh University Press).


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