Luke Odell

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Preparative Medicinal Chemistry

+4618-471 4297
018-471 4474
Visiting address:
Uppsala Biomedicinska Centrum, BMC, Husarg. 3
Postal address:
Box 574
751 23 UPPSALA

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Luke Odell was born in Tamworth, Australia in 1981. He graduated with an Honours BSc. in Forensic Science from the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2002. He completed his PhD studies at the same university under the guidance of Professor Adam McCluskey in 2006 working on the synthesis of enzyme inhibitors. In 2006, he took up a postdoctoral position with Professor Mats Larhed at Uppsala University. Since 2011, he has been an Associate Professor at Uppsala University and in 2016 he was appointed as a Senior Lecturer. His research interests include microwave-assisted chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, PET chemistry and medicinal chemistry.


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