Jonathan Hall

researcher at Department of Peace and Conflict Research

+4618-471 7596
Visiting address:
Gamla Torget 3, 1tr
753 20 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

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I use a mix of methods from the fields of economics and psychology - including natural experiments, lab-in-the-field experiments and surveys in challenging environments - to study intergroup cooperation and conflict. I lead the Uppsala Peace Lab, a programme on experimental peace and conflict research:

Keywords: psychology ptsd emotion transitional justice altruism war trauma experimental economics cognition economics social preferences ptg discrimination return intentions post-war reconstruction partisanship

My research lies at the crossroads of political science, economics and psychology and addresses a variety of topics, including post-war reconstruction, reconciliation, transitional justice and durable solutions to displacement. Below is a sample of my ongoing projects. For a list of all current and past projects, see my CV:

Political Polarization

Deconstructing Partisan Division in the United States Using Behavioral Experiments (with Dennis Kahn and Sam Whitt).

Post-War Reconstruction

Power-Sharing Versus Power-grabbing in the Aftermath of Insurgent Violence: Evidence from Public Opinion in Mosul, Iraq (with Jacob Aronson, Paul Huth, Vera Mironova, James Igoe Walsh, Sam Whitt).

Colombian Soldiers ́ Willingness to Protect Civilians – A Field Experiment (with Alejandra Ortiz-Ayala).

Return Intentions of Refugees and IDPs

A Selective Return: Parochial Altruism and the Return Intentions of Refugees in Turkey (with Ted Ellsworth and James Igoe Walsh).

Information, Agency, and Return Intentions – Evidence from Displacement Following the Battle for Mosul (with James Igoe Walsh, Jacob Aronson and Paul Huth)

Discrimination Against Refugees

Uncovering Sophisticated Discrimination With the Help of Credence Goods Markups – Evidence From a Natural Field Experiment (with Rudolf Kerschbamer, Daniel Neururer and Eric Skoog).

War and Morality

The Effects of Indiscriminate Violence on Morality – Evidence From a Natural Experiment in West Mosul (with Eric Skoog and Phaidon Vassiliou).

The Effects of Sectarian Warfare on the Distributional Preferences of Refugees in Turkey (with Daniel Neururer and Rudolf Kerschbamer).

Kindness in the Aftermath of Cruelty? The Effect of Exposure to War-Time Trauma on Altruism Across Social Categories (with Eric Skoog and Dogukan Cansin Karakus).

Posttraumatic Posttraumatic Growth

Posttraumatic Growth Mediates the Effect of Exposure to Violence on Emotions – Evidence from a Random Sample of Syrian Refugees (With Justin Schon and Dennis Kahn).

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Jonathan Hall