Hugo De Boer

researcher at Department of Organismal Biology, Systematic Biology

+4618-471 2932
Visiting address:
Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum, Norbyv. 18D
75236 Uppsala
Postal address:
Norbyv. 18D
75236 Uppsala

Short presentation

Research on plant identification using molecular barcoding in our lab focuses on the huge potential it has for biodiversity, conservation, and monitoring of trade. We apply DNA barcoding to identify plants in authentication of herbal pharmaceuticals, wildlife forensics, horticulture and tropical timber trade.

My courses


From a background in systematic botany, organic chemistry, genetics, I research molecular identification of plants, wildlife trade, and medicinal plants.

Research in my group focuses on:

1) Molecular identification of processed plant products in trade, specifically of medicinal plant species susceptible to adulteration, overharvested and endangered taxa, and monitoring of cross-border trade in CITES-listed species.

2) Combining chloroplast genome data and de novo next-gen generated chloroplast genomes, to make more accurate analysis of intra and interspecific genetic variation, with the specific aim of automated species identification

3) Development of specific target-enrichment methods for efficient generation of genetic data from degraded material, such as herbarium collections, and traded and processed material.


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