Erik Lewin

Senior lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory, Inorganic Chemistry

+4618-471 3768
Visiting address:
Lägerhyddsvägen 1

Postal address:
Box 538
751 21 Uppsala

Short presentation

  • Researcher with focus on:
    • inorganic thin film materials, specially complex nitrides
    • coatings in connection to additive manufacturing
  • Director of AM@Å - the Additive Manufacturing initiative at the Ångström laboratory
  • Course responsible teacher for "Materialkemi" (1KB210) in the K- and Q-programmes
  • Course responsible teacher for "Materials analysis" in the materials engineering master programme

Publications and citations: Google Scholar profile: Qowwj-MAAAAJ

  • from January 2019: Senior lecturer, Department of chemistry – Ångström laboratory, Uppsala university
  • September 2018: Docent in materials chemistry, Uppsala university, Sweden
  • November 2014 - December 2018: Associate senior lecturer, Department of chemistry – Ångström laboratory, Uppsala university
  • May 2013 - November 2014: Researcher, Department of chemistry – Ångström laboratory, Uppsala university, Sweden
  • September 2010 - April 2013: Postdoctoral researcher, Laboratory for Nanoscale Materials Science, Empa, Switzerland
  • December 2009- August 2010: Researcher, Department of materials chemistry, Uppsala university, Sweden
  • November 2009: Doctor of philosophy in inorganic chemistry, Uppsala university, Sweden
    PhD thesis entitled “Design of carbide-based nanocomposite coatings”
  • February 2005: Master of science in chemical engineering, Uppsala university, Sweden
    Major in materials chemistry.

My field of research is inorganic solid state chemistry, and in particular materials chemistry applied to thin films. Within this field my primary interest is to understand the structure-property correlation of materials, and to be able to design new materials using this knowledge combined with an understanding of the synthesis processes. My research is focused on inorganic thin films, and in particular nitride and carbide coatings synthesised by magnetron sputtering, which enables the synthesis of metastable phases otherwise hardly obtainable. This has successfully been combined with a wide range of material analysis techniques to determine the structure and properties of the samples and thereby find the structure-property correlations. In my projects a wide range of analytical techniques are employed, however my personal expertise is mainly within X-ray photoelectron spectrosopy (XPS, or ESCA) and X-ray diffraction (XRD).

I am presently leading research activities on:

  • complex nitride coating materials
  • coatings in connection to additive manufacturing

This research is conduced within the inorganic research programme at the Department of Chemistry - Ångström laboratory.

My list of publications is given below, and bibliometrics can be accessed through:
Researher ID: B-8255-2014 or Google Scholar profile: Qowwj-MAAAAJ

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Erik Lewin