Magnus Lundgren

researcher at Department of Organismal Biology, Human Evolution

+4618-471 2696
Visiting address:
Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum EBC
Norbyvägen 18 A
Postal address:
Norbyvägen 18 A
752 36 Uppsala

Short presentation

I am head of the SciLifeLab Ancient DNA facility. We provide analysis of ancient DNA as a service to researchers in Sweden and others. DNA provides living organisms with our heritable traits, but also accumulates changes over time. DNA can be preserved in nature for thousands of years and analysis of such ancient DNA provide a glimpse into the past, allowing us to better understand the history and development of humans, our societies and all the life around us.

Keywords: microbiology biotechnology ancient dna crispr

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I have a background as researcher with experience in microbiology and gene technology. I have worked with analyzing the cell cycle of heat-loving (thermophilic) microorganisms, how microorganisms defend against viruses (CRISPR-Cas systems), and with developing gene technology tools. Today I work with developing methods and tools fo analysis of ancient DNA, and with providing them as a service to scientists and others.


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