Maurizio Mazzoleni

Researcher at Department of Earth Sciences, Program for Air, Water and Landscape Sciences; Hydrology

Visiting address:
Geocentrum, Villavägen 16
752 36 Uppsala
Postal address:
Villavägen 16
752 36 UPPSALA

Short presentation

My research interests include flood forecasting, data assimilation, large scale distributed hydrological modelling, remote sensing, flood risk and uncertainty analysis and reliability analysis of flood defence systems.

In the ERC project HydroSocialExtremes I will work on modelling cascading effects such as human response to floods and droughts. In addition, my research aims at explicitly accounting for the dynamics of flood risk by capturing the interactions between complex systems.

Keywords: socio-hydrology flood forecasting data assimilation large scale modelling

Maurizio Mazzoleni was born in Brescia, Italy. He is an environmental engineering specialised in flood risk analysis and reduction. He graduated from University of Brescia, in Brescia, Italy, in May 2011. During his university studies, he moved to IHE Delft with the support of a scholarship awarded by University of Brescia to carry out his Master Thesis on probabilistic flood hazard mapping in case of levee failure. Between July 2011 and 2012 he worked within the KULTURisk Project as research fellow at the University of Brescia proposing an innovative method for estimating probability of failure of levee systems in case of piping. Afterwards, he joined IHE Delft as PhD fellow under the FP7 Project WeSenseIt. In 2016 he successfully defended his PhD thesis on the assimilation of crowdsourced observations in hydrological and hydraulic models. During his PhD research, he spent 4 months in the University of Texas as Arlington as visiting researcher to further investigate different data assimilation methods applied to flood routing models. After his PhD, he worked as Junior Lecturer at IHE Delft for the BPutra and H2020 GroundTruth 2.0 Project. Currently, he is involved in the "HydroSocialExtremes: Unravelling the mutual shaping of hydrological extremes and society (2018-2023)" with the objective of explore and model the dynamics and risks generated by feedback mechanisms between physical, technical and social processes.

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Maurizio Mazzoleni