Sirus Håfström Dehdari

post doctoral at Department of Government, Faculty

Visiting address:
Gamla Torget 6
Postal address:
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I hold a Ph.D. in economics from the IIES (Stockholm University) and I am currently a Postdoctoral researcher at the CONPOL project, and an affiliated researcher at SOFI (Stockholm University). I do research in applied microeconometrics, and political and institutional economics, in particular voting for radical right parties, identity formation, and political participation.

You can find my doctoral thesis, Radical Right, Identity, and Retaliation and my CV at my personal website.

Also available at

My courses


Working papers:

  1. Economic Distress and Support for Far-Right Parties - Evidence from Sweden. (SSRN)
  2. The Origins of Common Identity: Division, Homogenization Policies and Identity Formation in Alsace-Lorraine. (With Kai Gehring) (SSRN)
  3. Gender Differences in Revenge and Strategic Play: A Natural Experiment (With Emma Heikensten and Siri Isaksson) (Chapter 3)


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