Cesar Augusto Fortes Lima

post doctoral at Department of Organismal Biology, Human Evolution

Visiting address:
Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum EBC
Norbyvägen 18 A
Postal address:
Norbyvägen 18 A
752 36 Uppsala

Short presentation

I am a Biological Anthropologist. During my three-year PhD project, I investigated demographic histories of African-descendant populations from Latin America, and the impact of the slave trade in the current population. Then, I developed Bayesian inference methods for analyzing complex models of admixture events of admixed populations. Currently, I am a postdoc at Schlebusch Lab at Uppsala University, where I am studying mass migration routes and gene flow among sub-Saharan African populations.

My courses


2018–Present : Postdoc in Population Genomics of African populations, Evolutionary Biology Centre, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. Adviser: Carina M. Schlebusch.

2016–2018 : Postdoc in Population Genetics and Bioinformatics, Mankind museum, CNRS-MNHN-University Paris Diderot, Paris, France. Adviser: Paul Verdu.

2012–2015 : PhD in Biological Anthropology, Faculty of Medicine, University Paul Sabatier (UPS), Toulouse, France. Adviser: Jean-Michel Dugoujon. Thesis Defense date: 17th December 2015. PhD thesis dissertation: http://thesesups.ups-tlse.fr/2957/.

2011–2012 : MSc in Tropical Parasitic Diseases, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Valencia (UV), Valencia, Spain. Adviser: Santiago Mas-Coma.

2009–2011 : MSc in Physical Anthropology (“Evolution and Human Biodiversity”), Autonomy University of Madrid (UAM), Madrid, Spain. Adviser: Rosario Calderon.

2003–2009 : BSc in Biology, Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Madrid, Spain.


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