Espen Geelmuyden Rød

post doctoral at Department of Peace and Conflict Research

+4618-471 5691
Visiting address:
Gamla Torget 3, 1tr
753 20 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Espen Geelmuyden Rød is a Researcher at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research. He holds a PhD in Political Science (2016) from the University of Konstanz.

He is the principal investigator of the "Protest, Democratization, and Escalation to Large-scale Political Violence" project funded by the Swedish Research Council and a researcher in "ViEWS: a political Violence Early-Warning System".

The Mass Mobilization in Autocracies Database (MMAD) is available here:

Keywords: quantitative methods democratization political violence

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Publication news:

Hegre, Håvard, Marie Allansson, Matthias Basedau, Michael Colaresi, Mihai Croicu, Hanne Fjelde, Frederick Hoyles, Lisa Hultman, Stina Högbladh, Remco Jansen, Naima Mouhleb, Sayeed Auwn Muhammad, Desiree Nilsson, Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, Gudlaug Olafsdottir, Kristina Petrova, David Randahl, Espen Geelmuyden Rød, Nina von Uexkull, Jonas Vestby, ViEWS: A political Violence Early Warning System. Journal of Peace Research, forthcoming.

Rød, Espen Geelmuyden, Fraud, Grievances, and Post-election Protests in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes, Electoral Studies, forthcoming

Weidmann, Nils B. and Espen Geelmuyden Rød, The Internet and Political Protest in Autocracies, Oxford University Press, forthcoming

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