Emilia Niemiec

Postdoctoral position at Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB)

+4618-471 6170
Visiting address:
BMC, Box 564, Husargatan 3, Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 564
751 22 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I research ethical, legal and social aspects of genetics and genomics.

My background is in molecular biology (Master of Engineering in Biotechnology, Warsaw University of Life Sciences) and bioethics (Master of Bioethics, University of Leuven; Erasmus Mundus PhD in Law, Science and Technology).

My courses


I use qualitative and quantitative methods to expose and discuss problems related to applications of genomic technologies. The specific topics I tackle include challenges in communication to patients and obtaining informed consent, uses of genomic data, direct-to-consumer offer of genomics, and ethical aspects of gene editing applications.


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