Tobias Larsson

PhD student at Department of History

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Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 A

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Box 628
751 26 UPPSALA

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My research is focused on policing and quotidian contestation of space in an urban context. I consider the lower echelons of inter-hierarchical policing figures as their agendas clashed with those of citizens. Thereby I seek to understand if, and then how, spatial practices and small everyday actions over time shaped and determined behaviour in the city, what places were commonly contested and appeared as nodes of disorder, and whether this influenced the development of early modern urban space.

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My interests within history mainly concern spatiality, and the creation and maintenance of social order. Regarding the former I am fascinated by both perceptions of space and its actual appearance, and I feel that it is in the clash between these that we have most to learn.
My BA is from Uppsala University, and it was also here that I went through the department's Master Programme in Early Modern Studies. To mention a few things aside from this I have been a member of the faculty’s interdisciplinary research node Early Modern Cultural History and worked as a museum pedagogue, and I still maintain a great interest in the vivification and narration of history.
My Ph.D. studies at the department began in February of 2017 and the dissertation project has the preliminary title “Stadens förhandlingsrum: Kungliga Poliskammaren och vardagens gränsplatser 1776–1850”.


Master of Arts in History, Uppsala University (2016).
Thesis: Ordering the streets: The establishment of Sweden’s first police in 1776 (60 ECTS)
(Awarded The Stockholmia Price - When History Meets the Present, 2017.)

Bachelor of Arts in History, Uppsala University (2014).
Thesis: Donationsakten och samhälle i förändring: En studie av stipendieinstiftandets funktion för eliter med fokus på ståndssamhällets upplösning (15 ECTS)

Other academic qualifications

Participation at the Swedish Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies national conference, “1700-talets rum och platser”, Kristinehovs Malmgård, Stockholm (October 2019).
Paper: Uteliggandets uppkomst? Navigering av stadsrummet som hemlös i Stockholm, 1776–1836 (session: Ordning och gränser i stadsrummet)

Participation at Urban History Group Annual Conference, “Voices of the City: People, Identity and Place, 1600 to the present”, Queen’s University, Belfast (April 2019).
Paper: Sleeping Rough: Navigating the urban space as 'homeless' in Stockholm 1776–1836 (session: Engaging from Below: Civic Culture and Agency in the long 19th Century)

Participation at European Association for Urban History's 14th International
Conference on Urban History, “Urban renewal and resilience”, Università degli studi Roma Tre (August 2018).
Paper: Policing Stockholm’s Filth: Flows to Fixedness, 1776–1836 (session: Micro-geographies of the city, c.1600–1900: spaces and places, practices and representations)

Participation at International Institute of Social History's biennial European Social Science History Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast (April 2018).
Paper: Identifying Responsibility: the Ordering Vocabulary of Sweden’s First Police (session: Languages and Practices of Difference in Europe and the World)

Participation at Urban History Group's Annual Conference, “Boundaries and Jurisdictions: Defining the Urban”, Royal Holloway, University of London (March 2017).
Paper: The Struggle for Urban Space: Contested Places and Policing in Stockholm 1776–1850 (session: First Year PhD Presentations and Workshop)

Participation at European Association for Urban History's 13th International
Conference on Urban History, “Reinterpreting Cities”, Helsinki University (August 2016).
Paper: Governing grime – The establishment of sanitary order by Sweden’s first police (session: The noses and eyes of the city – Reinterpreting early modern politics and administrative practices of hygiene)

Participation at Social History Society's 40th Anniversary Conference, Lancaster University (March 2016).
Paper: Subduing street life – The establishment of order by Sweden’s first police (session: Spaces of contestation and resistance)


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