Christine Ekholst

senior lecturer at Department of History

+4618-471 7022
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 A

Postal address:
Box 628
751 26 UPPSALA

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I am a Swedish (and Canadian) historian studying the Middle Ages. My research focuses on gender, sexuality and legal history.

At Uppsala University I teach courses in medieval history and courses in English for exchange students. I am the program coordinator for the History program and teach courses within the program's introductory semester.

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Born in Stockholm, Sweden.

M.A. in history, 2002 - Stockholm University

Ph.D. in history, 2009 - Stockholm University

Postdoc fellow at Caltech, Pasadena, USA (2010)

Postdoc fellow at McGill University, Montreal, Canada (2011)

Instructor in Women's and Gender Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (2010-11)

Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Guelph, (2011-2017)


My doctoral research concerned how women and men were punished for crimes according to the laws of medieval Sweden. I was in particular interested in why the legislators chose different death penalties, that is different methods of execution, for men and women. A revised version of my doctoral dissertation is published by Brill under the title A Punishment for Each Criminal. Gender and Crime in Swedish Medieval Law.

Since 2007 I have studied the use of sexual transgressions in propaganda directed at kings and queens in late medieval Europe. Together with Dr. Henric Bagerius, Örebro University, I have examined how political critique used adultery and same-sex desire to point out the flaws of medieval rulerships. We have published our findings in several articles and chapters.

"The Unruly Queen: Blanche of Namur and Dysfunctional Rulership in Medieval Sweden," is published in Queenship, Gender, and Reputation in the Medieval and Early Modern West, 1060-1600

"Kings and Favourites: Politics and Sexuality in Late Medieval Europe," can be found here:

We also have a forthcoming chapter in the History of Monarchy published by Routledge. Our project was funded by The Swedish Research Council 2011-16.

My current research concerns how women were punished for their crimes in late medieval Swedish towns. My research is funded by Torsten Söderberg's Foundation


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