Edgar Rojas

PhD student at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Solid State Physics

+4618-471 7783
Visiting address:
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1

Postal address:
Box 35
751 03 Uppsala

Short presentation

Currently, I am working on dynamic optical and electrical properties of electrochromic amorphous tungsten oxide thin films under the supervision of Prof. Gunnar Niklasson. Here, we aim to develop new ways of describing and understanding the coloration processes in electrochromic materials. Particularly, we are interested in the implementation of frequency-dependent techniques for the study of electrochromic materials; namely, simultaneous electrochemical and color impedance measurements.

Keywords: optics solid state physics electrochromism

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My courses


  • 2016-onward: PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Gunnar Niklasson. Division of Solid State Physics, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.
  • 2013-2015: Research Assistant working on diffractive optics at the Optics Research Group, Department of Imaging Physics, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands.
  • Dual degree Erasmus Mundus OpSciTech Master (Erasmus Mundus grant holder)
    • 2012-2013: Master in Optics, Matter & Plasmas. Distinction “Très bien” (equivalent to cum laude). Université Paris-Sud and Institut d'Optique Graduate School, co-accredited by École Polytechnique, Paris, France.
    • 2011–2012: Master of Science in Applied Physics. Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands.
    • During my Master’s thesis I worked on photonics, nonlinear optics, and quantum optics under the supervision of Kamel Bencheikh and Ariel Levenson at the Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures (LPN), CNRS, Paris, France (now Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies C2N, CNRS). Thesis title “Quantum theory analysis of triple photons generated by a chi(3) process.”
  • 2007-2010: Bachelor's degree in Physics, graduation with honors. University of Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica.


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