Irene Martinez Marin

PhD student at Department of Philosophy, Aesthetics; Academic Staff

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Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 H
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Box 627
751 26 UPPSALA

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I am a PhD candidate in Aesthetics within the Philosophy Department since November 2016. Before moving to Uppsala I worked as an art gallery assistant. Previously, I completed a Master’s in History of Contemporary Art with a mention in Art Criticism at Autonomous University of Madrid in collaboration with the Museum Reina Sofía (2014), and a Philosophy degree at the University of Murcia (2013).

My research interests include analytic aesthetics, philosophy of emotions, philosophy of film, and value theory.

I am also the coordinator of the Nordic Network for Women in Aesthetics.

You can read more about me and my research here: External Webpage



Inspired by some aspects of Peter Goldie’s philosophy of emotions and his characterization of virtue aesthetics, my thesis aims to clarify the function that affects play in the appreciation of artworks. I take art appreciation as a skill entailing both aesthetic understanding and the assessment of aesthetic value. Yet in this process in which we come to understand why an artwork is aesthetically valuable, it is not clearly stated in the literature how to make sense of the feelings experienced in relation to the piece. Some of the questions and problems I will focus on are the following: What is the relation between emotions and evaluations? What kind of emotions are involved in this activity: basic or higher cognitive emotions? Should we leave emotions out of the equation and adopt a pure cognitive attitude when assessing the value of artworks? Will the latter secure the objectivity of the resulting aesthetic judgement? I believe that all these are relevant issues that need to be explored not only to explain the affective component of art appreciation but also, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the art appreciator agent.

Publications peer-reviewed

‘Robinson and Self-Conscious Emotions: Appreciation beyond (fellow) feeling’, Debates in Aesthetics, Vol 14. 1, 2019.

Book Review

Wittgenstein: Arte y Filosofía, ed. Julián Marrades, Plaza y Valdés Editores, Madrid, 2013, in Daimón. Revista Internacional de Filosofía, 64, 2015.

Book Chapter

‘Bienvenida Ternura. Emoción y Narración en la Nueva Serialidad Televisiva’, Cine y Series, ed. Alberto Nahum & María J. Ortiz. Comunicación Social. (2018).

Selected Presentations

  • Art Appreciation: whether you like it or not. British Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting, University of Oxford, September 2019.*

  • Non-Standard Emotions and Aesthetic Understanding. American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting, Phoenix, October 2019.*

  • Comments on Nick Riggle's "Invitation and Aesthetic Communication", Uppsala University, March 2019.

  • Non-Standard Emotions and Aesthetic Understanding. Emotions and Emotions Concepts Conference, University of Bern, November 2018.

  • Appreciating Reflective Emotions in Art. British Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting, University of Oxford, September, 2018.

  • The Artist’s Word: Artistic Intentions and Emotional Understanding. American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting, Toronto, October 2018.

  • The Artist’s Word: Artistic Intentions and Emotional Understanding. European Society for Aesthetics, June 2018. (Shortlisted ESA essay prize).

  • Comments on Christine Tappolet's Emotions, Values and Agency (Oxford UP, 2016). Workshop Philosophy of Emotions, Uppsala University, April 2018.

  • Understanding (without) Feeling. The Case of Nostalgic Expression. The Cognitive Relevance of Aesthetics, University of Tampere, September 2017.

  • Remembering Seymour Glass. Spring School The Role of Empathy and Emotion in Understanding Fiction, GSGG Göttingen, March 2017.

  • When Wes Anderson met Prada: Sentimental emotions in Fashion Films, Aesthetics, Fashion, and Psychology Conference, London College of Fashion, July 2016.

  • The Nostalgic Royal Tenenbaums. A defense of Wes Anderson sentimentality. Film-Philosophy Conference, University of Oxford. July 2015.


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