Xiao Tan

Postdoctoral position at Department of Neuroscience, Schiöth: Functional Pharmacology

Visiting address:
Room BMC B1:2 Uppsala biomedicinska centrum (BMC)
Husargatan 3
Postal address:
Institutionen för neurovetenskap
BMC, Box 593
751 24 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Dr. Xiao Tan is a postdoctoral researcher at Benedict Sleep Science Lab. Our lab studies the effects of circadian disruption and sleep loss on health and performance, with a particular focus on the relationship between sleep loss and metabolism.

Publication (PubMed)


Media highlights:

Chronotype, melatonin, and type 2 diabetes (Scienceline)

Aerobic exercise eases insomnia symptoms (Reuters)

PhD thesis (YLE, in Finnish)

Keywords: lifestyle interventions sleep medicine endocrinology insomnia sleep apnea

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Xiao Tan