Anna Günther-Hanssen

PhD student at Department of Education

+4618-471 7373
Visiting address:
von Kraemers allé 1 A
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 2136
750 02 Uppsala

Short presentation

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"Arbets-titel" på mitt avhandlingsarbete: Naturvetenskap, barn och könande processer i förskolan.

"Working-title" of my PhD project: Emergent science and gendering processes in preschool.

Keywords: gender genus identity materiality förskola naturvetenskap emergent science preschool materialitet

My courses


Before starting my PhD in September 2015 I worked as a preschool teacher for nine years. My dissertation is planned in September 2020.


In my Phd project I explore preschool children’s emergent scientific explorations and gendered becomings as mutual processes, and aim to contribute with knowledge on how these processes gets constructed in embodied relations with the material-discursive environments and surroundings of the preschool. My interests also specifically concern how scientific phenomena take part as agents in children's emergent science identity construction. Data for the project was constructed during a 5 months field study in a Swedish preschool in a group of five year old children. Theoretically, I combine perspectives from emergent science, new materialism, conceptual physics and gender theory. Foremost, Karen Barad’s theory of agential realism is being used.


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