Olle Risberg

PhD student at Department of Philosophy, Practical Philosophy; Academic Staff

+4618-471 7365
Visiting address:
Room EP 2-2073 Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 H
Postal address:
Box 627
751 26 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I defended my PhD dissertation, Guiding Concepts: Essays on Normative Concepts, Knowledge, and Deliberation, in February 2020. I was also a visiting scholar at Columbia University, New York, NY, from September 2018 to February 2019. My research focuses on foundational issues in ethics and metaethics, including moral objectivity, moral skepticism and skeptical theses more generally, the nature of harm, and the idea of action-guidance in ethics.

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My courses


Review of Errol Lord’s The Importance of Being Rational, OUP 2018 (forthcoming). European Journal of Philosophy.

"Harming and Failing to Benefit: a Reply to Purves" (forthcoming) w/ Jens Johansson. Philosophical Studies. Link (open access).

“A New Route from Moral Disagreement to Moral Skepticism” (forthcoming) w/ Folke Tersman. Journal of the American Philosophical Association.

"The Metaphysics of Moral Explanations" w/ Daniel Fogal. To be included pending final review in Oxford Studies in Metaethics, vol. 15. Draft available here.

"The Problem of Justified Harm: a Reply to Gardner" (forthcoming) w/ Jens Johansson. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. Link (open access).

”The Preemption Problem” (forthcoming) w/ Jens Johansson. Philosophical Studies. Link (open access).

Co-guest editor on a special issue on collective action in Tidskrift för Politisk Filosofi [Journal of Political Philosophy] (2018), 22 (2).

"Inledning: Vad bör vi göra?" [Introduction: What Ought We to Do?] (2018) w/ Per Algander. Tidskrift för Politisk Filosofi 22 (2).

"Metaetikens metodologi" [The Methodology of Metaethics] (2018). Filosofisk Tidskrift.

“Bergström om metaetisk naturalism” [Bergström on Metaethical Naturalism] (2018). Filosofisk Tidskrift.

“The Entanglement Problem and Idealization in Moral Philosophy” (2018). The Philosophical Quarterly 68. Link.

”Naturalism, non-naturalism eller misstagsteori?” [Naturalism, Non-naturalism, or Error Theory?] (2017). Filosofisk Tidskrift 4. Link.

“Weighting Surprise Parties: Some Problems for Schroeder” (2016). Utilitas 28. Link; preprint.

”Om Tännsjös försvar av den motbjudande slutsatsen” [On Tännsjö’s Defence of the Repugnant Conclusion] (2014). Tidskrift för Politisk Filosofi 1 (18). Link.


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