David Ekstam

PhD student at Department of Government, Graduate Students

Visiting address:
Gamla Torget 6
Postal address:
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

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PhD candidate in political science, department of Government, Uppsala University.

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Field of interest: political culture, social capital conceptualizations, cultural change and socialization processes.


My dissertation project is anchored in political socialization and zooms in on political tolerance in general and homophobia in specific. This project is constituted by three separate empirical studies.

In the first study, I look at temporal change in American public opinion towards homosexuality, employing over four decades of attitudinal survey data in an age-period-cohort analysis. The main contribution of this paper is methodological, rather than substantial, however. Compared to previous research, I take a much more critical stance towards the so-called APC identification problem, arguing that inference on linear trends in age, period, and cohort effects is highly sensitive to how the statistical model is constrained in order to enable identification. Fitting various models used by prior research, I demonstrate that radically different trends across time and generation is estimated depending on constraint, explaining why findings of previous research diverge.

In the second study (under progress), I look at differences in tolerance of homosexuality across countries and within countries over time, drawing upon European Social Survey data and multilevel modelling. This paper zooms in on the effect of education, testing theories on diffusion across both time and generation.

In the third study (under progress), I address the question of crystallization of homophobia, testing strength, consistency, stability, and predicting power over the lifespan using both cross-sectional and panel data.


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