Rogier Blokland

Professor at Department of Modern Languages, Finno-Ugric Languages

+4618-471 1314
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 L
Postal address:
Box 636
751 26 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I have been Professor of Finno-Ugric languages at Uppsala University since 2014. My academic background is in Finno-Ugric linguistics, historical-comparative linguistics and language description. My current research focus is on the documentation and description of endangered Finno-Ugric languages, especially Komi.

Keywords: language documentation finno-ugric uralic saamic finnic permic komi grammaticography meänkieli livonian estonian

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My courses


"Language Documentation meets Language Technology: The Next Step in the Description of Komi" (with Michael Rießler and Niko Partanen); externally funded research project (2017-)

UPPLADOC - Uppsala Language Documentation Group


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