Kacper Szkalej

PhD student at Department of Law, Doctoral Candidates

+4618-471 2040
Visiting address:
Trädgårdsgatan 1 och 20, Västra Ågatan 26

Postal address:
Box 512
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Doctoral researcher in copyright law, lecturer and thesis supervisor in intellectual property law.

Active at the Institute of Intellectual Property, Marketing and Competition Law (IMK) and responsible for the Master Programme (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property Law.

In my research project I investigate the scope of copyright protection in the context of consumptive use of digital content, with particular focus on the use of DRM systems and contractual arrangements between rightholders and consumers for legal access to digital content.

By apprehending a user-centric approach I evaluate whether and to what extent European copyright exceptions (such as temporary copying and private copying) consider and balance the interests of bona fide consumers with those of rightholders and how the system of exceptions as well as mechanisms outside of it (cross-border portability of content, exhaustion) affect, or may affect, consumptive use of protected content.

Although EU copyright legislation constitutes the main legal framework for analysis, the study observes Swedish and English copyright law where references to national law are warranted. The legal discourse in the dissertation is complemented by a study of terms and conditions of legal services.

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Kacper Szkalej