Joel Jansson

doctoral/PhD student at Department of Education

Visiting address:
von Kraemers allé 1 A
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 2136
750 02 Uppsala

Short presentation

Joel Jansson is a doctoral student at the Department of Education and member of the research unit STEP (Studies in educational policy and educational philosophy). For more information see Previously he worked whitin the correctional system with various tasks and in social servicec specialized on economic assistance, abuse- and drug addiction. In his research his interested in socialization as an aspect of institutional life in various organizations.

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The intention with my dissertation is to develop knowledge on the socialization taking place in and through doctoral education. Particular interest is directed towards the ways in which doctoral students socializes to PhD´s, researchers and teachers within academic institutions and various professions in other sectors of society. It is thus professional socialization that is in focus. Doctoral education can be regarded as a crucial institution for formation, education, economic competiveness and prosperity. Exploring and analyzing professional socialization are vital for the understanding of the structural and cultural processes in and through doctoral education. This dissertation exams booth national and institutional context in relation to different aspects of doctoral education activities. Drawing on a governance –and curriculum theory perspective the attention is directed towards booth conditions and content of the professional socialization. Empirically the dissertation consists of as well government and institutional policy texts as interviews with various systemic actors within the higher education system.


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