Dominik Döllinger

doctoral/PhD student at Department of Sociology, Doctoral students

Visiting address:
Engelska parken
Thunbergsvägen 3H

Postal address:
Box 624
751 26 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Theoretical Interest: Theories of Social Practice; Critical Theory; Gesellschaftstheorie (Theories of Society)

Fields of Interest: Fields of Cultural Production (Sport, Art); (Pre-)Classical Sociology and Social Philosophy; The Enlightenment; Discrimination of the Countryside in Contemporary Society and Sociology

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My courses



- The Continuation of the Enlightenment, Kultursociologisk Konferens, Uppsala, November 2015.

- Fighting for Culture: Pattern Struggles in Football. ACSIS Conference. Norrköping, June 2015.

- Why Film should be understood as Practice. Sociologidagarna 2014 (Swedish Sociological Association). Gothenburg, March 2014.

- Film in Sociology. Meeting of the working group "Film Sociology" of the DGS (German Sociological Association). Hamburg, December 2013.

- Das Interesse am Film (Film and Interest) - Reflections with Pierre Bourdieu. "The Autonomy of Art", congress of the section "Sociology of Art" of the DGS (German Sociological Association). Leipzig, October 2013.

- Heterotopia and the Sociology of Space. KONTAKT Festival, Symposium "Übergrenzen". Bamberg, Mai 2012.

- Sorry, we're closed - National and social identity in a globalised world. Student's congress of Sociology "Komplexe Neue Welt". Berlin, October 2011.


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