Pernilla Ågård

doctoral/PhD student at Department of Sociology, Doctoral students

+4618-471 5190
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Engelska parken
Thunbergsvägen 3H

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Box 624
751 26 UPPSALA

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Pernilla Ågård's research interests lie at the intersection between the study of ethnicity and the study of interaction between welfare representatives and their clients. Her dissertation sheds light on understandings of ethnic 'Otherness' and cross-cultural interaction through focus group interviews with care workers who are specialized in end-of-life-care. In focus are the negotiations that take place when these workers discuss the way in which they handle this type of interaction.

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Pernilla Ågård came to Uppsala University after having completed a masters degree in sociology at Stockholm University. While working on her masters she was a part of a research project on the health and social care sector which is now in focus in her dissertation. It was then that she became interested in the discursive negotiations that take place when care workers describe their practice. Pernilla was accepted to the Department of Sociology's Research Program at the end of 2013 and is now working on a dissertation that brings attention to the negotiations that take place in focus group interviews with end-of-life care workers as they reasoned about the challenges that cross-cultural interaction entail.

Pernilla is an active member of the Research Group Welfare & Lifecourse and the Social Gerontology Group; both at this department. Her dissertation is part of a project that focuses on caring for dying patients; a project that is described on the research group's homepage.


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