Paulius Malinovskis

Post doctoral at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Materials Physics

Visiting address:
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1

Postal address:
Box 516
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I am skillful and enthusiastic soul with extensive knowledge of material science, electrical engineering and technology. Material research and design are well accustomed to me as well as electrical engineering.
I enjoy new challenges and if I don't know the topic, technique or software I am quick to learn and adapt.
I am interested in photography, music, badminton, basketball, football, ice hockey, traveling, electronic engineering, computers, motorcycles, cars, art and technical stuff.

Keywords: electron microscopy material science xps thin films engineering physics nanotechnology optics x-ray spectroscopy transmission electron microscopy alloys metal hydrides raman magnetron sputtering brillouin amorphous ibs epr hall effect erda

Amorphous materials, thin films, magnetron sputtering, metal hydrides, hydrogen diffusion, Raman and Brillouin light scattering.

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Paulius Malinovskis