Mika Hietanen

senior lecturer at Department of Literature

+4618-471 6189
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 P

Postal address:
Box 632
751 26 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Gr.F (L.P.C.) – MHS, TK/TM (Laud.) – ÅA, TD (Laud.) – ÅA, MA (C.L.) – UvA, Doc. – ÅAU, Class.Phil. – HU, Teacher's Exam – HU

University Lecturer in Rhetoric, Associate Professor (Docent)

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For more information I refer to my LinkedIn profile.

I am a member of the Mentor-network and I am happy to accept learners for mentoring. The following gives you an idea of my background. Please contact me if you need a Mentor, but first please read my short presentation below.

  • My current subject is Rhetoric and I have primarily studied and worked within the humanities. I also have a background in Philosophy (the philosophy of language, logic), Theology (especially exegesis), Pedagogy (for adult learners), Classical Philology (Greek and Latin), argumentation (traditional and modern), and Pragmatics. However, I am at ease also within other areas, including Computer Science, Law Studies, Psychology, and natural sciences.
  • I studied for my teacher’s exam at the University of Helsinki. In my previous work I tailored and marketed educations internationally, especially within the educational sector (e.g. to Asia, Middle-East, and Africa). I have studied at five universities (Uppsala is my sixth) so I have seen many different milieus, teachers, students, and cultures.
  • I teach and supervise on all levels.
  • I am familiar with both older and newer pedagogical approaches and I like to combine old and new. I like to make use of good ICT-solutions.
  • I teach in Swedish, English, and Finnish.

Pedagogically I believe that learners need a combination of (theoretical) knowledge & (practical) skills. Both these parts consist of things you need to know and be able to do, on the one hand, and creative-critical abilities to expand and develop, on the other, both individually and communally.

This is how I understand my role as a mentor

  • Your interests are crucial – there is not much time available so I like focus on feedback on those aspects that are of most interest to you.
  • I give feedback both before your planned lecture or seminar, and afterwards.
  • I share my experience about what is worth considering to avoid problems and to ensure a good learning experience.
  • I consider mentoring a win/win-situation since we both get new ideas from discussing you experience!

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