Mattias Legnér

Professor at Department of Art History, Conservation

+4618-471 8331+46-498 108331
Visiting address:
Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3
621 57 Visby
Postal address:
Uppsala universitet, Campus Gotland
621 67 Visby

Short presentation

Professor in Conservation (Kulturvård) and docent in History.

Keywords: energieffektivisering inomhusklimat kulturvård kulturarvsnoden 20th century conflict research cultural heritage sweden 1900-tal housing conservation history nordic culture kalla kriget klimatmål heritage management post-conflict reconstruction world war ii

I am Full Professor in Conservation and docent in History, stationed at the Department of Art History on Campus Gotland in Visby. I took my doctoral degree at Stockholm University in Sweden in 2004 at the Department of History. Since then I have been working with research and teaching on the preservation of especially built environment, but I have also been involved in management of museums and collections. I have researched historical perspectives on energy use in the built environment since 2009. In more recent years I have also developed a deeper interest in the management of cultural heritage after violent conflicts.

I have a long experience from teaching at university level. From 1998 to 2006 I worked as a teacher in history. I have been advising students at bachelor (undergraduate) level since 1998, and at master’s (graduate) level since 2004. I have been advising at the PhD level since 2011.

I have often worked together with other scholars, both PhD candidates and more experienced researchers. In Sweden scholars compete for research grants from national foundations, and I have been quite successful in this venture: I have led three research projects funded by the Swedish Energy Agency about the possibilities of making historic buildings more energy efficient, and one four year project funded by the Swedish Research Council about the historical development of energy efficiency and indoor climate of buildings.

All three of these projects have included a team of researchers. I was responsible for putting these projects together, applying for funding and then carrying the projects out. Working in projects funded by agencies that wish to see practical results has given me experience in addressing urgent social issues (such as sustainable development, climate change and increased energy efficiency) and negotiating with a range of institutions such as government agencies, museums, and NGOs.

Legnér was leading the forum "Research Node Cultural Heritage", which is a network of scholars and master students interested in heritage studies at Uppsala University.

Areas of research:

- Uses and reconstruction of cultural heritage in conflict areas

- Adaptation and re-use of built environment in urban areas

- The use of culture and heritage in urban regeneration and revitalization

- Development of norms for indoor climate and their consequences for the use of indoor environment and technology

Leadership of larger research projects

- Energy efficiency and cultural values in housing. How well do the policies work on the local level? Funded by the Swedish Energy Agency 2020-23.

"An evaluation of previous policies on energy efficiency in buildings and their effects on energy use and historical values, Sweden 1974-2014." Funded by the Swedish Energy Agency 2015–2019.

"Attacks on cultural heritage: causes and consequences" Cooperative project with the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, Uppsala University. Internal grant 2016.

"Research Node Cultural Heritage" Internal grant 2016-18.

"An historical perspective of energy efficiency in buildings." Funded by the Swedish Energy Agency 2011-15.

Management plans for historically valuable buildings (pilot). Swedish National Heritage Board 2014.

"Cultural heritage and comfort. The issue of suitable indoor climate in historic buildings in the 20th century". Funded by the Swedish Research Council 2010-15.

Industrial heritage and historic environment policies in urban regeneration. Tema Q, Linköping University, post doc 2006-2008.


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Legnér, M., Ponzini, D. (red.) 2009. Cultural Quarters and Urban Transformation: International Perspectives. Gotlandica förlag.

Legnér, M. 2009. Historic rehabilitation of industrial sites : cases from North American and Swedish cities. Department of Culture Studies: Linköping University.

Legnér, M. 2008. Industriarv och kulturmiljöpolicy i stadsförnyelseprocesser : Norrköping, Baltimore och Milano. Centrum för kommunstrategiska studier: Linköpings universitet.

Legnér, M. 2010. Abraham Abrahamsson Hülphers och 1700-talets ortsbeskrivningar. Gotland University Press.

Legnér, M. 2004. Fäderneslandets rätta beskrivning: Mötet mellan antikvarisk forskning och ekonomisk nyttokult i 1700-talets Sverige. Doctoral thesis, Stockholms universitet. Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland.

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Mattias Legnér