Alexander Sang-Jae Suh

Assistant Professor at Department of Ecology and Genetics, Evolutionary Biology

+4618-471 6466
Visiting address:
Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum
Norbyvägen 18D
752 36 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum
Norbyvägen 18D
752 36 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I’m a biologist with a fascination for animal diversity and all the little things that lurk inside their genomes. Every genome is a tiny ecosystem full of even tinier parasites and fossils thereof.

My research focuses on the study of evolution in animals, transposons, and viruses using comparative genomics, molecular biology, and phylogenomics. Currently, I am an assistant professor (forskarassistent) in the Department of Evolutionary Biology. You can find my lab website here

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Ongoing research revolves around the evolution of birds, crocodilians, and parasitic nematodes, however, my interests are not limited to a specific group of organisms. I aim at understanding biodiversity both on the level of cellular organisms and on the level of transposons and viruses, as well as the interactions between these genomic parasites and their hosts’ genomes or transcriptomes.


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