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Jonas Bååth

lecturer at Department of Sociology, Doctoral students

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Engelska parken
Thunbergsv. 3H

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Box 624
751 26 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Jonas Bååth is a PhD candidate in sociology since fall 2012. His doctoral project concerns the production of food in post-scarcity societies, studying the Swedish meat supply chain. In general, the reserach approach places itself in the intersection of economic, cultural, and organizational sociology. Therein, the main focus are processes of production and evaluation.

  • Guest, CIRCLE, Lunds University, 2016-17.
  • Guest, Yale Centre for Cultural Sociology, 2015.

Keywords: valuation studies economic sociology pragmatism ethnography organization food practice theory agriculture supply chains cultural sociology abundance

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Jonas Bååth has been a doctoral candidate in sociology at Uppsala University since September 2012. He has also been a guest at Yale Centre for Cultural Sociology (2015) and CIRCLE at Lund University (2016-). Bååth holds a BSc in sociology from Lund University, a MSc (1 year) in sociologt from Lund University MSc (2 years) in sociology from Umeå University. He teaches social and organization theory, and food production at Uppsala University and Örebro University. Previously, he has also held introductions to essay writing for bachelors studuent's.

Other commitments

  • Guest Teacher, Grythytte Akademi, Örebro University (2015- )
  • Treasurer, Social Science Doctoral Student's Council (SDR) (2013-16)
  • Board member, Dept. of Sociology (2012-16)
  • Doctoral student representativ, Library Cooperation for Social Sciences (2013-15)


The present core of my research is my PhD project Production in a State of Abundance: On the Struggles of the Swedish Meat Supply Chain. Therein I analyze how swedish meat producers (farmers, meat processors, and retailors) deal with producing an abundant foodstuff which is also consumed in historically large quantities.

My research interests are based on the tension between economy and culture, and the organizations that dwell therein. Food and food industry is therefore my main area of interest, because food by definition integrates questions of resource use with questions of meaning and knowledge. My current research is primarily concerned with valuation and evaluation in the Swedish meat industry, and the different kinds of value which have to be dealt with inside a food supply chain; farms, processing industries, and retail.

The analytical foundation of my research lay primarily in contemporary developments of pragmatist thinking, such as practice theory, French pragmatism, and process analysis. Ethnography is my methodological basis, which may however be combined with more quantitative approaches. Transdisciplinary science is therefore the how I perceive the future of finding and solving relevant problems.


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