Karin Engen

doctoral/PhD student at Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Preparative Medicinal Chemistry

+4618-471 4332
018-471 4474
Visiting address:
Uppsala Biomedicinska Centrum, BMC, Husarg. 3
Postal address:
Box 574
751 23 UPPSALA

Short presentation

There is a demand for new chemical entities that can serve as efficient agents for treatment of cognitive disorders. Angiotensin IV, a metabolite in the renin angiotensin system, has shown to improve processes related to memory and learning by inhibiting Insulin-regulated Aminopeptidase (IRAP). In my project, we focus on design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel small-molecule IRAP inhibitors that might provide a new approach in the treatment of memory disfunction.

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Master's degree in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, University of Gothenburg, 2012

PhD student at Uppsala University, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Division of Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry. 2012 - present.


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