Atieh Seyed Tafreshiha

doctoral/PhD student at Department of Neuroscience, Birnir: Molecular Physiology and Neuroscience

Visiting address:
Room BMC D1:2 BMC
Husargatan 3
751 23 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Box 593
751 24 UPPSALA

Short presentation

The main focus of my research is on the distribution and function of insulin receptors in the mouse and human hippocampus. We want to determine the role of insulin signaling in the memory deficits and particularly in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We work on APP mouse models for Alzheimer's disease as well as human brain samples of AD patients.

Aside from my research, I am a member of the Ph.D. student Council at the Department of Neuroscience and a member of the committee for equal opportunities.

Keywords: insulin receptor mouse hippocampus human hippocampus gaba receptors alzheimers disease

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