Sujit Kootala

Part-time fixed-term lecturer at Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Quality Science

Visiting address:
Cramérgatan 3
621 57 Visby
Postal address:
Uppsala universitet, Campus Gotland
621 67 Visby

Keywords: biomaterials regenerative medicine drug delivery polymers tissue engineering scafffolds tissue repair cell biology 3d cell cultures extracellular matrices exosomes skin regeneration organoids

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher with Polymer Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden. My research line focuses on the development of biomedical applications for drug delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. I source the starting materials from natural life forms such as bacteria, algae, animals and humans. Post downstream extraction, purification and physicochemical characterization, I aim to transform the functionality of these materials via the action of cross-linking molecules, generating valuable biomaterials without altering the natural biological affinity and functions of these molecules. Using simple synthetic tools, I develop macro and nanoscale materials to entrap (physically or chemically) active molecules such as growth factors, drugs and inorganic molecules for therapeutic applications. Examples of such applications include hydrogels,microgels and nanoparticles.

Briefly, my research themes are:
- Development of marine, bacterial and mammalian sourced biomaterials for regenerative, preventive and therapeutic medical applications
- Biomimetic approaches in tissue engineering and functional materials to tailor cell fate and tissue behaviour
- Study of the hierarchical structure-function relationship and bioactivity of biomaterials

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Sujit Kootala