Ram Kumar Selvaraju

researcher at Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Preclinical PET-MRI Platform

Visiting address:
Biomedicinskt Centrum BMC, Husargatan 3
Postal address:
Dag Hammarskjöldsv 14C, 3 tr
751 83 Uppsala

Short presentation

I am a biotechnologist and my interest incline toward molecular imaging,specializing in use of positron emission tomography (PET) as a tool for preclinical evaluation of novel tracers in drug development.

Keywords: diabetes beta cell imaging molecular imaging pet spect ct preclinical neuroendocrine cancer

My courses


2017- Researcher, Uppsala University (UU), Sweden

2016-2017 Post doctoral researcher, UU, Sweden.

2011-2015 Ph. D. in Pharmacy, UU, Sweden.
Thesis Title: [68Ga]Exendin-4: Bench-to-Bedside.

2009-2011 M. Sc. in Medical Nuclide Techniques, UU, Sweden.

2005-2009 B.Tech in Biotechnology, VIT University, India.


Research routines are preclinical oriented with use of

* Short lived positron emitting radionuclide such as [11C] ,[18F] & [68Ga]
* Long lived SPECT radionuclides such as [99mTc], [111In] & [177Lu]
* Human islets and cancer cell lines of pancreatic origin.
* Autoradiography
* Small animal models
* In vivo imaging in small animals with PET, SPECT, CT and MR
* Image analysis using software’s such as PMOD, AMIRA, AMIDE and Image J.


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