Sara Lind

researcher at Department of Chemistry - BMC, Analytical Chemistry; Lind Group

+4618-471 3693
Visiting address:
Husargatan 3 (D5)
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 599
75124 Uppsala

Short presentation

  • My research group focus on analytical tools in medical proteomics, epecially post translational modifications.
    The Lind lab: Associate Professor Sara (Bergström Lind)
    Post doc Alberto Valdés
    PhD student Eszter Kassa
  • Head of MS-based proteomics
  • Study director of research education (FUS), Dept. Chemistry-BMC.

Keywords: infection analytical chemistry proteomics posttranslational modifications mass spectrometry affinity proteomics cancer chromatography life science sciecne for life laboratory phosphoproteomics systmes biology slims biobanked tissue adenovirus proteomics host-pathogen interaction

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My courses


i) Identification of phosphorylation in biological systems. Development and implementation of novel enrichment tools.

ii) MS-based proteomcis of biobanked tissue

iii) Host-pathogen interactions

iV) Adeonovirus proteomics.


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