12.3 Center for Police Research

Director: Professor Iain Cameron
Assistant Director: Associate Professor Heléne Lööw

The purpose of the center for police research is to coordinate, and provide a platform for, the University of Uppsala's police research and police-relevant research.

Chairman of the Board
-Professor Anna Jonsson-Cornell (Law faculty)

Board Members
-Professor Marie Allen (Department of immunology, genetics and pathology)
-Docent Christer Elvingson (Chemistry Department)
-Kanslichef Eva Årestad Radner (Swedish Police)
-Doktorand Moa Liden (Law faculty)
-Matilda Broman (Swedish Security Police)
-Joakim Sturup (National Board of Forensic Medicine)

Contact information

Visiting address
Munken Hus 1, rum 1268,
Postal address
Juridiska institutionen, Box 512, 751 20 UPPSALA
018-471 2023
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