Lina Emilsson

Nyckelord: neurobiologi genetics technology-assisted rehabilitation

Lina Sors Emilsson is a geneticist trained in neurobiology that between 2000 and 2016 was active as a researcher and lecturer at Uppsala University (UU) in the fields of molecular and cellular cognition. From 2015 Lina worked part time at UU and part time in the private sector with technology transfer, focusing on rehabilitation robotics, biosensors and AI systems for health and wellbeing. An engagement that stem from her conviction that technology most meet biology, and not the other way around, to be a valuable tool for humans and our society. 2017 this engagement enabled her to apply to and accept a senior lectureship in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology at UU, while continuing her activities in the private sector. Since 2019 Lina holds a full-time senior project lead position at Upptech, a technology transfer investment at UUs Faculty of Science and Technology. At Upptech her assignment is to build two-way bridges between the private/public sector and all technology related education and research activities at the university.

Multi inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations for introduction, implementation and evaluation of robot-assisted rehabilitation and education. Together with academic and clinical collaborators in Sweden and Switzerland Lina Sors Emilsson are conducting and developing research projects focusing on management and strategies for collaborations between the society (end users), public and private sectors for rehab-robotics or robot-aided learning.

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Lina Emilsson
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