Annika Linkhorst

Assistent med doktoranduppgifter vid Institutionen för ekologi och genetik, Limnologi

Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum (EBC)
Norbyvägen 18 D
752 36 Uppsala
Norbyvägen 18 D
752 36 Uppsala

Nyckelord: methane ebullition greenhouse gas reservoir limnology

Mina kurser


Ph.D. Aquatic Biogeochemistry, Limnology group in the Department of Ecology and Genetics, Uppsala University. Thesis: Greenhouse gas emission from tropical reservoirs: spatial and temporal dynamics. Main advisor: Sebastian Sobek, co-advisors: Tonya DelSontro, Nathan Barros

M.Sc. Environmental Sciences, ETH Zürich, Switzerland: Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics. Thesis in Environmental Chemistry: Kinetic studies on singlet oxygen photochemistry. Advisors: Kristopher McNeill, Elena Appiani

B.Sc. Environmental Sciences, University of Lüneburg, Germany. Thesis in Environmental Chemistry


My postgraduate research was part of the ERC-granted project HYDROCARB. The goal of the project was to gain a new understanding of carbon processing in freshwaters by studying methane emission hot-spots and carbon burial in tropical reservoirs. I studied the variation of methane ebullition in tropical hydroelectric reservoirs of different age and climatic and geographic characteristics. I primarily used hydroacoustic methods for quantification and spatial description of methane bubbles in the water column, but also studied diffusive emission of both methane and carbon dioxide, and coupled my findings to environmental conditions. I collected data from several regions in Brazil in different seasons to study spatial and temporal variability of both methane and carbon dioxide in further depth.

During my Master studies at ETH Zurich, I worked in the Environmental Chemistry laboratory, where I studied photochemical reactions of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and the kinetics of singlet oxygen photochemistry with furfuryl alcohol as a model reactant. Before entering my PhD studies, I spent a year at University of Oldenburg, where I worked on iron complexation with DOM in subterranean estuaries on Spiekeroog Island, Germany, and Jeju Island, Korea, in collaboration with Seoul National University.

Conference contributions:

Linkhorst A, Paranaíba JR, Hiller C, Millen G, Barros N, DelSontro T, Mendonça R, Sobek S: Temporal variability of CH4 and CO2 emission in tropical reservoirs across different timescales. ASLO 2018, Victoria, Canada, June 2018. (oral presentation)

Linkhorst A, Hiller C, Millen G, Paranaíba JR, Barros N, DelSontro T, Mendonça R, Isidorova A, Roland F, Sobek S: Variability of methane ebullition across timescales in a tropical reservoir. ICDC10, Interlaken, Switzerland, August 2017. (poster)

Linkhorst A, Paranaíba JR, Barros N, DelSontro T, Mendonça R, Isidorova A, Sobek S: Diurnal variability of CO2 and CH4 emissions from tropical reservoirs. EGU, Vienna, Austria, April 2017. (oral presentation) Link to the abstract

Linkhorst A, Rudberg D, Isidorova A, Barros N, DelSontro T, Mendonça R and Sobek S: Spacial variability of methane ebullition in tropical reservoirs assessed by hydroacoustics and bubble trapping. PPNW2015, Landau, Germany, August 2015. (poster)

Linkhorst A, Waska H, Dittmar T: Iron complexation with dissolved organic matter in a subterranean estuary: a molecular description of coagulating fractions. ASLO 2015, Granada, Spain, February 2015. (oral presentation) Link to the abstract


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