Jill Trenholm

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I received my PhD (IMCH) in Sept 2013 where I investigated war rape in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then I have been a researcher working predominantly with theory, gender and health, violence and with gender and nutrition in Ethiopia and Bangladesh. I was also a teacher for the IMCH masters program for 3 years, providing instruction mostly in qualitative research methods (intro to advanced) and sexual and gender based violence. I am currently training to be a Gestalt therapist.

Nyckelord: africa qualitative methods armed conflict • social theory and social change reproductive health qualitative research gender and health gender based violence gender and nutrition gestalt therapy

Jill is a Canadian registered nurse who has worked for many years predominantly in hospital-based trauma units and spent a couple of years at a clinic for sexual/domestic violence in Canada. She holds a BA with a focus on Peace and Conflict studies from Waterloo University in Canada and a Masters of Science in International Health from Uppsala University. She has recently (in Sept 2013) sucessfully defended her doctorate thesis which investigated the phenomena of war rape in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. She is associated with the Centre for Gender Research and the International Maternal and Child Health unit of Women's and Children's Health located within the medical faculty at Uppsala University. She is currently a lecturer at IMCH and coordinator of the Qualitative Discussion Group. Her lecture topics include Qualitative Methods (Introduction, Basic and Advanced) Gender, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and War rape. Her current research interests include masculinities and spirituality, indigenous healing and sexual violence perpetration.

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Jill Trenholm
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