Lina Emilsson

projektledare vid Områdeskanslier, Kansliet för teknik och naturvetenskap; Enheten för kommunikation och skolsamverkan

018-471 2138
Segerstedthuset, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 7
Box 256
751 05 UPPSALA

Nyckelord: neurobiologi genetics technology-assisted rehabilitation

Mina kurser


Lina Sors Emilsson is a geneticist trained in neurobiology that between 2000 and 2017 was active as a researcher and lecturer at Uppsala University (UU) in the fields of molecular and cellular cognition. Since 2017 Lina holds a position as Senior lecturer at the Department of Engineering sciences, UU where she works with management of customer-centric product development and entrepreneurship. She also conduct research related to implementation and evaluation of context dependent medical technologies, especially in relation to neurorehabilitation. Furthermore Lina is a business owner and operator of a corporation partnering with different stakeholders to facilitate so that new innovative rehab-technologies can “bridge the gap” between development, clinical research and clinical practice. Lina’s expertise’s are in genetics, neurobiology, molecular and cellular cognition as well as market introduction, implementation and evaluation of rehabilitation technologies.


Multi inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations for introduction, implementation and evaluation of robot-assisted rehabilitation and education. Together with academic and clinical collaborators in Sweden and Switzerland Lina Sors Emilsson are conducting and developing research projects focusing on management and strategies for collaborations between the society (end users), public and private sectors for rehab-robotics or robot-aided learning.


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