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Akademiska meriter: PhD, docent

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Biographical information

BA Witwatersrand (1996); BA (Hons) Witwatersrand (1997); PhD Witwatersrand (2002)

Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand (2002 – 2006); Senior Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand (2006 – 2007); Guest Lecturer, Uppsala University (2008 – 2012); Research Associate, University of the Witwatersrand (2009 – present); Senior Lecturer, Uppsala University (2012 – Present); Docent in English Literature, Uppsala University (2015); Deputy Prefekt (Biträdande), Department of English (2015 – present).


My teaching interests include: Postcolonial literature; African literature; trans-national approaches to literary studies; African-American literature; writing and theories of trauma; feminist writing and theory; creative writing; psychoanalytic approaches to literature; literature and ethics.

Current Research Projects:

I am currently completing a monograph on sub-Saharan African writing of the 2000s, provisionally entitled De-realising Africa: Afropolitanism and the African Novel.

Participant in ‘Cosmopolitan and Vernacular in World Literature’, RJ funded Research Program.

Primary research investigator in 2016 applications for a project entitled: ‘African Street Literature and the Futures of Literary Form’

Recent and Forthcoming Publications (2011-Present)

Chapters in peer-reviewed books:

‘Afropolitan style and unusable global spaces’ in Cosmopolitanisms ed. Bruce Robbins and Paulo Horta. New York: New York University Press. (Book under review)

‘Facing/Defacing Robert Mugabe: land reclamation, race and the end of colonial accountability’in What Postcolonial Theory Doesn’t Say. Eds. Anna Bernard, Ziad Elmarsafy & Stuart Murray. New York: Routledge, 2016: 105-120

‘What revolt in the postcolony today?’ Pier Paolo Frassinelli, Ronit Frenkel and David Watson (eds.) Traversing Transnationalism. Amsterdam: Rodopi Press, 2011: 227- 250.

Research articles in peer-reviewed and ISI-accredited journals:

‘Awkward Form and Writing the African Present’ in The Johannesburg Salon, 7, 2014: 3-8.

‘The Fathers’ Dark Triumph: terror and the end of revolution in J.M. Coetzee’s The Master of Petersburg.’ In Fantasias of Terrorism, a special issue of The Journal for Cultural Research. Vol 18, No 2 2014: 132 - 145.

‘The Danish African: Wolle Kirk, Whiteness and Colonial complicity’. Kult: a postcolonial special issue series. (with Lene Bull Christiansen, Roskilde University) (Accepted: in press).

‘An Awkward Silence: Reflections on Theory and Africa’ Kunapipi: A Journal of Postcolonial Writing. 34.1, 2012: 28-41.

‘Unruly Pedagogies; migratory interventions: unsettling cultural studies’, Critical Arts: A journal of South-North Cultural and Media Studies, 26:1, 2012: 3-13. (with Louise Bethlehem, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


Editor, with Kerry Byström and Andrew Webber, South and North: Contemporary Urban Orientations. Routledge (Literary Cultures of the Global South Series). Forthcoming.

Editor, with Yianna Liatsos (University of Limerick) African Embodiment (book proposal currently under review)

Editor, with Louise Bethlehem (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), of a special edition of Critical Arts: A journal of South-North Cultural and Media Studies, entitled ‘Unruly Pedagogies; Migratory Interventions: Unsettling Cultural Studies.’ (26:1, 2012)

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