Magdalena Kania Lundholm

Affilierad Forskningskoordinator vid Sociologiska institutionen, Lärare och forskare

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Magdalena's research focuses on the intersections between culture, power and technology; it combines sociology of communications and media, cultural sociology, critical internet studies, social theory and qualitative methods. Her work has been featured in journals such as Sociology Compass, National Identities, Journal of Aging Studies, Media Culture & Society and others.

I hold a PhD in sociology from Uppsala University (2012).

My research focuses on the sociological study of the online processes of mediation and commercialization of nationhood as well as questions of digitalization, ICTs usage among elderly and digital inclusion. In my recent work, I explore the notions and meanings of technology non-use, media refusal and voluntary online disconnection.

During 2015-2018 I have been employed as Swedish Research Council International Postdoctoral Fellow based at the Department of Sociology UU and at the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI) University of Westminster, London working on a research project entitled Into the Digital Age: older non-users understandings and experiences of digital technologies and how they relate to understandings of aging and old age.

I currently work as an administrative coordinator of the Cultural Matters Group at the department.

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Magdalena Kania Lundholm
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